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A corporate team-building event everyone will love

Our Team Discovery Summit is a guided learning

experience that's fun and business applicable.

The bar has been raised

For in-person gatherings

You need an agenda that promises more

than just Dave dancing. 

Is this your company?


-  We feel disconnected from each other

-  We need to function better as one cohesive group

-  We have a ton of new people on the team

-  We need leaders with greater self-awareness

-  We need to integrate old-guard with new talent

Our Team Discovery Summit
 is just what you need.

Here's what you get in the half-day session:


Learn your own behavioral workstyle:

Give everyone a deeper understanding of their personal workstyle and unique strengths within the group.

Leverage the workstyles of your entire team:  

Strengthen the bond between colleagues and improve your team chemistry to accomplish your goals faster.

Use our in-session training & coaching: 

Ask questions about how to leverage strengths and avoid blind spots and get tips from a team chemistry coach.


How it works:

1. Book a consult ​

Book your 15 minute consult so we can learn more about the vision for your team gathering.

2. Prep Your Team​

Generate excitement by sending

the workstyle assessment prior

to the gathering

3. Amazing offsite

Sit back and enjoy the most 

engaging offsite you've had in a long time!

Preview The Insights Now:

Learn your own workstyle and get a preview of what your team will get. Take our 6 minute behavioral workstyle assessment today. 

Summit - Assessment

You'll get:

A gathering that's fun and engaging for your team

A boost in team chemistry when they return to work

Professional facilitator analyzing team dynamics

A custom strategy to improve your team chemistry

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