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 Predictive Index Training

Elevate Your Team's Potential with Predictive Index Training

We at Tend Yours unconditionally welcome you to embark on an extraordinary experience to unleash your group's undiscovered potential. When success depends on individual capacities and the smooth coordination of group abilities, our Predictive Index Training drives team achievement.

Exploring the intricacies of the present business climate takes more than ability; it takes a profound comprehension of your group's extraordinary characteristics and working elements. Our lead program, Predictive Index Training, builds on your group's past skills and fosters a strong perception of the elements that describe your organization's prosperity.


Our program empowers your team by ensuring each person's abilities are acknowledged and strategically utilized. We recognize the strength of diversity, and by providing specialized training, we enable a harmonious fusion of diverse skills, fostering innovation and teamwork.

You go beyond conventional skill development when you choose Tend Yours' Predictive Index Training. It's a calculated risk that lays the groundwork for long-term success rather than just quick returns. 

When you work with us, you're not simply investing in training; you're also investing in a deep comprehension of your team's potential, paving the way for historically high performance in today's rapidly changing business environment. 


Welcome to Tend Yours, where high-performing teams flourish and potential meets purpose.

Why Choose Predictive Index Training?

Choosing Predictive Index Training is a determined interest in your group's prosperity instead of simply carrying out a program. We go past conventional preparation to investigate the nuances of individual capacities, cooperative styles, and correspondence inclinations. This degree of understanding empowers your group to beat obstructions effectively and advances a creative and successful culture. Tend Yours' Predictive Index Training is the flash that touches on ability improvement and a group dynamic that lives on cognizance, adaptability, and a common drive for progress in the high-speed universe of contemporary business.

Tailored Insights for Optimal Team Dynamics

At Tend Yours, understanding your group's maximum capacity is the key to acknowledging it. Our Customized Insights of Knowledge investigates top-to-bottom correspondence styles, group elements, and individual qualities. We establish a climate where each colleague flourishes by giving proactive compromise and customized authority strategies, ensuring the ideal group elements that move achievement.

Individualized Strengths Analysis

​To work with job tasks calculatedly and enhance commitments from all parties, gaining a profound comprehension of each colleague's singular qualities is essential.

Collaboration Optimization

Make a tranquil working environment by perceiving and using how your colleagues team up with talent optimization.

Effective Communication Strategies

Make a serene workplace by seeing and utilizing your gathering's joint exertion types.

Proactive Conflict Resolution

Enable a respectable and valuable gathering environment by expecting and resolving clashes before they become more serious.

Customized Leadership Approach

Make pioneers fit your organization's necessities to give innovative and proficient initiative.

How Predictive Index Training Works

Join Tend Yours on an extraordinary excursion as we investigate the subtleties of predictive index training. Our methodology is a unique encounter intended to release your group's maximum capacity, in addition to many steps. Our staff gives individualized assessments, exhaustive reports, and nonstop help to lay out a helpful and useful group climate.

Individual Assessments

Utilize the potential of individual evaluations to find untapped potential and create tailored growth plans.

Comprehensive Reports for Strategic Decision-Making

Get complete reports that work as feasible guides for smart, all-around informed, independent direction.

Ongoing Support and Training

Our dedication doesn't stop with training; we also offer ongoing assistance to ensure that learning is retained and progress is sustained.

Contact Us

Contact Tend Yours to discover how Predictive Index Training may further develop group elements and advance achievement.

Continuous Improvement Opportunities

You must adopt a mentality focused on continuous events and seize valuable opportunities to change strategies when group elements change.


At Tend Yours, we distinguish ourselves as the driving force behind certain group elements. We are focused on establishing a climate where quality is above standards. For a dedicated partner to your group's prosperity, choose Tend Yours.

Why Choose Us

At Tend Yours, we distinguish ourselves as the driving force behind certain group elements. We are focused on establishing a climate where quality is above standards. For a dedicated partner to your group's prosperity, choose Tend Yours.

Proven Expertise

Take benefit of our history of effectively conveying creative Predictive Index Training Solutions.

Trusted by Thousands

Consider yourself as a part of the satisfied clients who depend on Tend Yours to develop group execution further.

Data-Driven Solutions

Since our talent strategy is information-driven, decisions and techniques depend on certifiable information.

Efficiency Redefined

Witness reclassifying the bar for productivity, as each colleague maximizes effort to meet the organization's targets.


PI Design

1 - 25

team licenses



Get a full team workstyle assessment with insights about your team dynamics: 

  • Insights on how contrasting and overlapping work styles affect teammate relationships 

  • A "big reveal" for your unique team type, complete with strengths and potential blind spots as a group 

  • Interactive exercises for group engagement focused on simple action planning 

  • Customized recommendations based on your team type, proven to help hit strategic goals

PI Inspire

50 - 1,000

seat licenses



Get workstyle assessment reports for your entire team using The Predictive Index flagship software: 

  • Get a deeper understanding of the four main behavioral drives that compose your signature work style

  • In-depth scientific analysis of the core needs and drives of your colleagues 

  • Actionable strategies for interacting more effectively with 17 different work styles

  • Dedicated certified partner for coaching on how to use the tool for leveraging team strengths and avoiding blind spots 

Predictive Index Packages

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Learn your own workstyle and get a preview of what your team will get. Take our 6 minute behavioral workstyle assessment today. 

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