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Hire a Predictive Index Consultant:
Unlock Your Business Potential 

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Tend offers a workforce productivity solution perfect for busy team leaders: our Predictive Index Consultants. Let us guide you through bringing your team's hidden potential to life while you take your business plan to another level. Utilize our expertise in people management to help your company reach new heights of success.

At Tend, our consultants are more than just advisors—they are success architects who carefully and perceptively shape the future of your workforce. We assist you in navigating the complex talent management solutions maze by utilizing the science of predictive analytics, ensuring every team member contributes to the best of their abilities in the appropriate role. Discover untapped abilities, match responsibilities to individual skills, and experience a productivity explosion that completely transforms the structure of your company.

As you go on this experience with Tend Yours, you will see a change in perspective by how you view and use your ability. Our Predictive Index Consultants for hire are the change specialists who will push your group to outperform objectives and lay out an extraordinary hierarchical culture. Human Capital management is important, but so is building a team that can become the engine of your company's success. Come and join us at Tend Yours, where realizing your company's potential is a transforming experience rather than just a goal.

 Why Hire a Predictive Index Consultant? 

Boost your ability to compete. A Tend Yours Predictive Index Consultant offers the experience to maximize potential, build productive teams, and smoothly align leadership. Boost your personnel strategy with intelligence and accuracy.

Optimize Talent

Make the most of your team's skills. Our Predictive Index Consultants for hire adjust talent strategies so that every position is designed for success. Uncover latent abilities and improve individual and group performance.

Create High Performing Teams

Create winning teams. Predictive analytics is used by Tend Yours' consultants to build dynamic teams that promote cooperation and output. See firsthand the transformational power of a highly productive, cohesive workforce.

Align Leadership

Our consultants easily handle leadership alignment. Through data-driven insights, they align leadership philosophies with organizational objectives. At the top, create the synergy propelling strategic success across the organization.

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Why Choose Us

Select Tend Yours to elevate your business plan confidently. Our dedication to quality distinguishes us. Our track record allows us to reinvent worker dynamics. Join us for unmatched Predictive Index Consulting, where achievement is a given rather than a choice.

Proven Expertise

Our Predictive Index Consultants at Tend Yours have extensive verified experience. You can confidently navigate the challenging field of people management because our experts will customize tactics to match your company's objectives perfectly. Feel the difference as your staff develops into a successful, well-tuned machine.

Trusted by Thousands

Join a large, cheerful customer base that has trusted Tend Yours. Thousands have depended on our aptitude, which tells much about our history. Become part of an effective story where greatness and trust coincide, and experience the advantages of a coordinated effort that goes past guidance and becomes a commitment to your prosperity.

Data-Driven Solutions

Set off on an excursion where decisions are upheld by cutting-edge information-driven arrangements as well as being instinctive. The Predictive Index Consultants at Tend Yours utilize front-line examination to convey experiences past ordinary techniques. Notice the impact of very much educated decision production as your organization develops and changes in light of the continuously evolving climate.

Efficiency Redefined

Tend Yours has re-imagined productivity as a reality instead of simply an objective. Our counselors upgrade your faculty, ensuring ideal effectiveness. Feel the game-changing impact as your organization transforms into a handily coordinated team, running at maximized execution and reaching new levels of progress.

PI Design

1 - 25

team licenses



Get a full team workstyle assessment with insights about your team dynamics: 

  • Insights on how contrasting and overlapping work styles affect teammate relationships 

  • A "big reveal" for your unique team type, complete with strengths and potential blind spots as a group 

  • Interactive exercises for group engagement focused on simple action planning 

  • Customized recommendations based on your team type, proven to help hit strategic goals

PI Inspire

50 - 1,000

seat licenses



Get workstyle assessment reports for your entire team using The Predictive Index flagship software: 

  • Get a deeper understanding of the four main behavioral drives that compose your signature work style

  • In-depth scientific analysis of the core needs and drives of your colleagues 

  • Actionable strategies for interacting more effectively with 17 different work styles

  • Dedicated certified partner for coaching on how to use the tool for leveraging team strengths and avoiding blind spots 

Predictive Index Packages

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