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Too many corporate teams are missing opportunities because it takes so long to get people working well together as a group. Tend's services and tools help quickly improve team chemistry. Your team will accomplish goals faster knowing exactly how each person's work style fits together for team success.  

Aaron Andrade



Aaron has 20 years of experience building highly effective teams across Non-Profit, For-Profit and Government sectors in the Boston metro area.


Aaron's coaching and team building strategies have received recognition in leading companies like The Boston Globe, Year Up and The U.S. Army where he was awarded a bronze star for his service in Iraq.


His work has consistently led to increases in employee's job satisfaction, higher retention rates and higher customer satisfaction.

Aaron sees work as a divinely inspired activity. Whether serving his God, his family, his country or his

clients, working with people gives his life meaning

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Laura Andrade


Laura, brings 17 years in behavioral science, and a contagious passion for helping people overcome barriers to meet their personal and professional goals. She has spent the last 12 years as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker counseling, consulting, and coaching individuals, families and groups with diverse life/work challenges and complex needs. Her combination of skills and expertise make her a consummate people consultant for leaders who want to make a lasting far-reaching impact on the well-being and success of their people, and ultimately their organizations. 

When she isn’t enthusiastically leading workshops, strategizing for organizational success, or working with leaders to solve more nuanced staff interpersonal needs, Laura can be found teaching, learning, and adventuring through life with Aaron and their three children. 

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