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Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment

Unlock Your Potential with the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment

At Tend Yours, we utilize the profound learnings from the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment to lead us on a progressive excursion to release each individual and group's true capacity. In light of the possibility that conducting an examination is the most important move towards expertise and self-awareness, we welcome you to investigate an existence where self-disclosure is more than essentially a cycle — it's a significant key to understanding your maximum capacity.

Our behavioral assessment, the Predictive Index, goes about as a compass to assist you with exploring the intricate landscape of your character. Investigate the profundities of your mindfulness to track down the nuances that make up your character. This examination is something other than an assessment; a unique encounter will give you the certainty you want to seek after your vocation. You can acquire knowledge past the conventional as you submerge yourself in this journey. Tend Yours is more than a help; a change specialist assists individuals with seeing their assets and working on their areas of progress. 


Tend Your' Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment is something other than a device; it encourages opening your secret potential. Raise your cognizance of yourself, modify your story, and make the way for a future where you reach your maximum capacity. Are you ready to go on this extraordinary excursion? Explore more.


Discover Your Team Potential with Our PI Behavioral Assessment 

Discover Your Team Potential with Our PI Behavioral Assessment

Our PI Behavioural Assessment is an integral asset for recognizing the undiscovered potential in group elements. Find each colleague's correspondence styles and qualities to advance collaboration and congruity. Work on your group's exhibition by monitoring the different characters that impact its elements. Are you ready to see your group's maximum capacity? Find out how with Tend Yours.

Predictive Index Insights

Our Predictive Index Insights are more than just superficial analyses. Examine the subtleties of your actions and reveal the intricacies that set you apart. Gain knowledge and use it to handle life's chances and problems. Find out what makes you who you are.

Customized Behavioral Workshop

At Tend Yours, modified arrangements have incredible power. We have planned our  Customized Behavioural Workshop to address your group's necessities. Partake in a groundbreaking instructive encounter that upholds your organization's goals. Help correspondence, participation, and results.

PI Behavioral Assessment Test

Utilize our PI Behavioral Assessment Test to begin your excursion of self-disclosure. Investigate the subtleties of your character to gain insightful information that will assist you with personal and professional development. Acquire a more profound comprehension of who you are, placing you in a good position.

PI Design

1 - 25

team licenses



Get a full team workstyle assessment with insights about your team dynamics: 

  • Insights on how contrasting and overlapping work styles affect teammate relationships 

  • A "big reveal" for your unique team type, complete with strengths and potential blind spots as a group 

  • Interactive exercises for group engagement focused on simple action planning 

  • Customized recommendations based on your team type, proven to help hit strategic goals

PI Inspire

50 - 1,000

seat licenses



Get workstyle assessment reports for your entire team using The Predictive Index flagship software: 

  • Get a deeper understanding of the four main behavioral drives that compose your signature work style

  • In-depth scientific analysis of the core needs and drives of your colleagues 

  • Actionable strategies for interacting more effectively with 17 different work styles

  • Dedicated certified partner for coaching on how to use the tool for leveraging team strengths and avoiding blind spots 

Predictive Index Packages

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Preview The Insights Now:

Learn your own workstyle and get a preview of what your team will get. Take our 6 minute behavioral workstyle assessment today. 


You'll get:

An offsite that galvanizes your leadership team

A boost in productivity when they return to work

Professional facilitator analyzing team dynamics

A custom strategy to improve your team chemistry

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