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Using PI for Succession Planning

Clients ask me how to use employee work style data to help with their succession planning. If you're a busy people manager (with access to the PI, DISC, Enneagram, Strengths Finder etc.) here's a quick way to get it done:

You don't have the luxury of a week-long succession planning exercise.

But you do have the Predictive Index (or similar workstyle assessment) data.

Here's what you do:

Step 1: use the 9-Box exercise and give each of your direct reports a number (see the graphic)

Step 2: Use the following guide to build a plan for each person...

🟥 For people in the Red box they are your high potential and high performing employees. Retention of this group should be your highest priority. Do this:

- You (the manager) identify a new role that is a good match for their workstyle

- Set up a 1:1 professional development conversation with them

- Explore their interest/ideas on planning for career advancement

- Introduce why this new role may be a great fit based on their workstyle

*PI CLIENTS* - can show how their behavioral profile matches the "job target" for that role...very powerful!

🟩 For people in the green box, they are high potential but low performers. The key question is "why?" Do this:

- Determine if the underperformance is related to "soft" skill gaps

- If so, leverage resources that target the underlying behavioral drive

- i.e. how to balance a high "dominance" drive by leading with empathy

*PI CLIENTS* - the Personal Development Chart is a fantastic turn-key plan with several coaching tips for any workstyle combination

🟪 For people in the purple box they are high performers but are not looking to (and my not be qualified to) expand their scope. Since they are theoretically in the right role now, the goal is to keep them fulfilled and motivated. Do this:

- Consistent day-to-day management of these team members is key

- Study their behavioral style and find even more ways to engage it

- i.e. someone's style shows they like being "recognized for tangible results"...increase the frequency of that recognition

*PI CLIENTS* - the Management Strategy Guide is incredibly useful as a turn-key guide with practical management tips based on their unique style

Retention is so important in this competitive job market.

Hopefully this will help you retain your best employees without you needing to spend hours you don't have.

Is this model helpful? Leave a comment below.

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