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Friends & Pizza

Work environments have changed but we still need to form strong bonds.


Learn how to use your behavioral workstyles to strengthen connection between your colleagues.

Facilitated by:

Aaron Andrade

Coach | Consultant

"Slice to meet you"
Eat pizza, reconnect and learn your workstyles

May 10, 2022  Operations Team

Cohesion, Togetherness, Chemistry at Work


"Slice to Meet You:

Eat Pizza & Learn Your Behavioral Workstyle"

VentureX (Community Space)

3540 Toringdon Way, Suite 200

Charlotte, NC 28277

Feb. 22, 2022

11:45am - 1:00pm EST


What to expect:

  • 2 giant slices of New York style pizza from Tony’s Pizza

  • A 4 page, personalized behavioral report from The Predictive Index, packed with insights on your:

    • Decision making preferences

    • Communication style 

    • Risk tolerance 

    • Detail orientation and more…

  • Tips on using your workstyle to increase your happiness at work




Why should you attend?


Given all the time we spend at work, everyone wants to experience greater meaning and fulfillment during those hours of the day.

The problem is, many of us are going into this new year feeling a little drained and unhappy. Identifying the cause of this burnout at work can be difficult and building a plan to address it can be pretty overwhelming. 

Aaron from Tend is an experienced consultant and coach who helps teams find greater meaning and satisfaction in their work. The good news is, he’s got an easy method for quickly increasing your happiness at work so 2022 can get off to a great start for you. 

If you want to increase your happiness at work, you need to understand your own behavioral workstyle.

(...there’s 17 different possible profiles, which one are you?)

How do I attend?

  1. Take the fun behavioral workstyle assessment (only 6 minutes)

  2. Once complete, we'll register you for the lunch & learn

  3. Attend on Feb 22nd and learn your behavioral workstyle  ( eat some free pizza!)


Let Aaron help you increase your happiness at work by explaining your unique behavioral workstyle, plus enjoy some pizza and time at VentureX.

Attend this workshop and you’ll have that jumpstart you’ve been looking for to create more engagement and happiness in your role at work! 

Hope to see you there!

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