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Exploring Team Foundations

3 - 10


1/2 Day

An immersive, guided learning experience for your whole team. Key takeaways: 

  • A deeper understanding of the four main behavioral drives that compose your signature work style

  • In-depth knowledge sharing of the core needs and drives of colleagues 

  • Actionable strategies for interacting more effectively with each unique work style

  • In-session training and coaching on how to leverage strengths and avoid blind spots 

Discovering Your Team Type

3 - 15


1/2 Day

A comprehensive workshop, focused on learning & celebrating your team type. Key takeaways: 

  • Insights on how contrasting and overlapping work styles affect teammate relationships 

  • A "big reveal" for your unique team type, complete with strengths and potential blind spots 

  • Breakout sessions for group engagement focused on simple action planning 

  • Customized recommendations based on your team type, proven to help hit strategic goals

Support Group
Pathfinding Team Type
Stabalizing Strategy Type

Designing for Strategic Action

3 - 15


1/2 Day

Future focused workshop, purpose built to solidify your team's strategy. Key takeaways: 

  • Clearly communicated, concise, and compelling team strategy, visualized within our framework 

  • Expose misalignment between strategic goals and behavioral strengths

  • Techniques to stretch your skillset to better meet current challenges 

  • Customized roadmap full of tips and strategies to tackle upcoming projects without fear

Short On Time? Learn about our Team Discovery Session

A 15 minute consult to explore whether a Team Discovery Session is right for you. You'll get:  

  • Situation analysis of your team's unique needs

  • Overview of our approach and a preview of what to expect in our Team Discovery Session

  • Additional Insights about your own behavioral style report (take the 5 minute assessment here)

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